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STUDIO EITQUETTE with covid-19

We’ve been monitoring the evolution of public health recommendations closely as well as how safety standards are being followed since our studio reopened.

As we continue to work hard to keep our space safe for everyone, we feel that masks are a key part in being proactive. Please wear a mask inside the studio, keeping it on until you arrive at your mat or workout space where you can remove it for practice, then wearing it again as you exit. Disposable masks will be available for $1. When our team interacts with you, they’ll be wearing masks too, as will our teachers (who will remove them to teach).

Use the online covid-19 screening tool before showing up to class or an appointment. We have asked staff to use the screening tool as well, and not to show up for work if they are sick.

Follow outlined spacing as indicated on floors for entry to the studio, and for mat or personal placement within classes. Please keep the recommended distance of 6′ from other students and staff at all times, except for brief exchanges. Our class schedule has been reduced to allow for less congestion as classes begin and end and to allow for cleaning between every class. Though your favourite studio is also a favourite venue for connection, we do encourage that you not linger long before and after class.

Room temperature! You will find almost all yoga classes in the Lower Level Studio (the former Hot Room) as it is our largest studio space. Yoga Therapy/Mysore class is set to 26 degrees. All other classes range in temp from 30-36 degrees. Yoga on the Wall and Ashtanga Yoga at 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, respectively will be held in Studios 1 & 2 (upstairs, regular temp).

Find sanitization stations as you enter the studio, and upon entry and exit to each classroom. Wash your hands! And sanitize your hands before and after class. We ask that you bring your own mat. You may rent a mat for $2. Our change rooms and showers are accessible and towel service is included, but we do recommend showering at home when possible. Disinfect any shared contact surface used in change rooms with provided disinfectant.

To further limit shared physical contact, we are not using props in yoga classes. Bring your own props where necessary. In fitness classes, we collect all necessary props at the beginning of class that only you will use, all items are carefully cleaned after every class.

Water and tea stations are not available at this time. Bring your full water bottle with you. Water is available for purchase.

Peloton bikes are spaced 6′ apart in Activ Public. Use sanitization and hand towels provided to thoroughly wipe down equipment before and after use.

We encourage interac and credit card for purchases whenever possible. For complete non touch transactions, we can use apply your credit card on file.

Thank you for helping us co-create a consistently safe space for everyone by following the guidelines.

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