Adrienne is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor and yoga instructor. With a Masters in Food Science, she merges the traditional healing practices of Ayurveda with contemporary research to provide a modern, holistic approach to food, cooking and nutrition. Ayurveda emphasizes the harmony of an individual’s physical, mental and emotional beings for achieving optimal health. As the complementary system to yoga, it is a great way to support and further your work on the yoga mat or meditation cushion. Adrienne is inspired by the integration of the yoga practice into daily life, particularly when it comes to the kitchen and dinner table.

Personalised counselling is an ideal way to deepen your knowledge of Ayurveda and to learn how to apply principles to your personal dietary concerns and lifestyle. Adrienne’s sessions can range from a broad overview of Ayurvedic principles, to designing an Ayurvedic meal plan or dietary/lifestyle cleanse that specifically addresses your needs.

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