Imagine taking an active role in our quest to become healthier; to develop a more compassionate and conscious relationship with ourselves. Knowing, as science is showing us, that Yoga can be one of the tools for enhancing our health; for self-regulation, for reducing mental, physical and emotional stress, for reducing inflammation and disease in the body, for increasing feelings of positivity and strength. Yoga as a means of taking an active role in our whole person health; body, mind, and spirit.

As long-standing Mindfulness and Yoga teachers, it is lovely and fulfilling to connect very deeply with practices that have evidenced-based research behind them and to be able to offer these practices to others.

Yin Yoga offers space for reflection, attention, curiosity and surrender. It also introduces the idea of adopting postures that circulate Qi, or natural healing energy, throughout the organs and systems of the body. The long holds in a Yin practice naturally lend themselves to spacious time for reflection. We cultivate a particular non-striving, non-judging and compassionate reflection known as Mindfulness. Mindfulness allows us to know ourselves more intimately, to develop awareness about our experiences and to make more conscious choices in our lives. We move from reactivity into responsiveness.

The studio and teachers collaborate to create a safe external environment that supports creating internal resiliency. A space for sound and vibration to communicate with the cells of the body, a space where aromatherapy is used to transmit to the olfactory system particular blends of essential oils shown to increase wellbeing. A space where the body is encouraged to feel grounded and rooted.

Imagine being an active participant in practices shown to decrease stress, to encourage emotional and mental balance and to open up space and possibility for optimal healing that we all possess. Imagine feeling whole and well and balanced and easeful. Hold this image and then begin…

~Narda Singh

Join Narda Singh & Bonnie Schroeder for the multi-sensory, multi-dimensional healing experience of YIN . SOUND . SCENT as they weave together therapeutic Yin Yoga, healing vibrations of Singing Bowls and custom-blended Aromatherapy Oils, Mindfulness, and Subtle Energy.
Friday November 22, 7:00-9:00pm at Yoga Public. $50 + gst.

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