Yoga and the Practice of Non-Violence (Ahimsa)

One of the most important aspects of Yoga for me is ahimsa (non-violence) which is the foundation of practicing Yoga. Ahimsa is probably one of the most challenging to practice in our society and in our everyday life and we should be determined to be non-violent with ourselves while practicing Yoga. Many books have been written about Ahimsa. Below is a wonderful description from my honourable teacher Goswami Kriyananda.
Non-Violence (Ahimsa):Intellectual Non-Violence

The main source of non-violence is within our intellects. Our intellects ascertain harmonious or inharmonious energies of the mind, which sooner or later must manifest harmoniously or inharmoniously. Later it manifests into harmonious or inharmonious action. Therefore, complete non-violence is renunciation of violence in body, speech, and especially thought.

The practice of non-violence produces a number of effects:

  • It brings about the accumulation of good karma in this lifetime, as well as in succeeding lifetimes.
  • It brings about non-agitation of the mind so that concentration is possible. It is only with concentration that meditation is possible. It is only with meditation that illumination is possible.
  • It magnetically and mystically draws into your life non-violent people and events. Your social exchange becomes filled with happiness and pleasure, and there is an effortless intellectual exchange and exploration of human consciousness. The more you realize that everything is spirit (Atma), the more easily and more fully you become established in non-violence. When your life is permeated by Ahimsa, your intellect is not disturbed, even when you become hurt or insulted. This brings about the attainment of a non-scattered mind. This attainment enables you to concentrate which in turn enables you to meditate. This rapidly brings you into full cosmic consciousness.

~Goswami Kriyananda

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