You and Your Practice

Dear Yogis,

I am always thankful to see old and new faces with whom I share Mysore practice. I mentioned last month that this practice is for everybody regardless of ability, shape, strength and capacity, as long as one is willing to learn and embrace the practice. And so, you are all welcome to join.

Each one of you brings a different positive vibe in the class that lends me inspiration and motivation to continue the Mysore journey with you.

At this point, there are things that I would like to encourage you to cultivate to move deeply into the practice. On top of bringing a positive state of mind and spirit to share with everyone in the class, these are a few other guidelines to help you deepen your personal practice:

  • Be confident

Bring even a seed of confidence and your practice will allow it grow and bloom. Your yoga practice can boost your self-esteem and confidence. As you build your physical strength, you also strengthen your inner self.

  • Be calm and peaceful

Make sure that you take those negative energies out of your system to allow you to create a balance between mind and body.

  • Be yourself

Do not compare yourself to others. Always practice self-acceptance where you are right now, and what is going on within you without being distracted by people, sensations and feelings around you. Let go and be yourself.

  • Flexibility will follow, it is a process

Yoga practice is more than flexibility. The beauty of our practice is it respects individuality and ability, values your present being and regards your intentions.

  • Always find your breath

Breathing has a powerful influence on your body and mind. This will bring greater concentration and focus.

  • Stay focused

This is the ability to be in the moment and to still your mind.

  • Connect with energies

In each pose you take, imagine the energy contained within your body and let it work for you to help achieve your intentions.

  • Set your intentions

This is defining something that you want to intensify in the practice. This can be anything from the aspects mentioned above – confidence, peace, self-acceptance, breath, or echoing a specific mantra.

  • Explore Sthira (strength) and sukha (comfort and happiness)

These two may appear as opposites but they are equally important to learn in the practice.

Lastly, I encourage you to practice chanting, which is good in improving concentration and calming the mind, as well as a way of being thankful to the tradition of teachers who carry the philosophy and practice for many years.

Let us always create a harmony in our lives. Om.


Serge is back from holiday, tomorrow Friday January 10th! Find him in the mysore room from 6-9am.

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