Karma: literally, action or doing

Please Note: Our Karma class scheduling is temporarily suspended as we reopen after the covid-19 closure. With class capacities reduced at this time, we want to ensure class spots are available to our members. As we gain strength and capacity again, we plan to add karma classes back. In the meantime, please check out our current promotions, aimed to get you back to class! Thank you for your ongoing support.

You reap what you sow. It all comes back around. The sanskrit word karma is used commonly, referring to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where one’s intent and actions influence an outcome. The power of intent cannot be overlooked. Intention in present in every action we take, consciously or not.

Our karma classes take this cause and effect cycle to offer both members and non members access to classes at a lower cost while offering 100% of karma fees collected to local organizations or individuals who could use the help and some good intention. As of July 2019, we have raised and donated a total of $46733 since we opened our doors!

You will find at least one karma class scheduled each day; members can attend as they usually do at no additional charge. All non YP members pay a minimum donation of $10. Be sure to check the online karma schedule as it is subject to change. We currently have 10 weekly karma classes from which to choose!

From April 2018, karma proceeds have been directed toward the HSC Foundation http://www.hscfoundation.mb.ca:

It’s thoughtful and generous members of our community, like you, who enable the Health Sciences Centre Foundation to make life better for so many people across our province.

Thanks to donors and supporters, HSC Winnipeg is renowned for providing the highest quality care and for teaching and research excellence. It is the only place that provides Manitobans with specialized care in trauma, neurosurgery, burn, transplant, and psychiatric health.

It is only with the support of the community that HSC can offer Manitobans tomorrow’s care today: the best and most compassionate patient care, promising research initiatives, and cutting-edge technology for the benefit of patients and families like yours.

Together, we bring hope to life!