Welcome to Yoga Public!

Begin by creating your member profile online, or if you prefer, we can create your profile for you on the day of your first visit. Once you have a profile, you will be able to purchase passes or membership options and pre register for classes.

Begin with our new Intro to VIRTUAL One Month Pass. One month of Livestream classes, plus access to the Video on Demand library for when you can’t make the live class time or you want to revisit a favourite.

If your question is not answered below, please contact us at info@yogapublic.com.

Begin by creating a member profile on Mindbody. From there you can purchase any option you choose and will be able to access your account through your email address. You will be prompted to create a password. Most students begin with The NEW Intro Pass – 14 consecutive days of unlimited yoga, TRX, Activ WOD, and meditation classes as well as on demand cycle and open gym. If you choose to pre register for classes on this pass, note that the first class you attend or book, will set the beginning of your 14 days. All you need to bring is whatever you choose to wear to move comfortably, and don’t forget your shoes for our fitness classes.

Good question! And the answer is a lot! Yoga, TRX, Activ WOD and meditation classes, as well as on demand cycle and open gym are included in our memberships and class passes. We always provide yoga mats and shower towels as well as all the shower amenities: shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, mouthwash, hair elastics, and hair dryers and straighteners. Tea stations are located at front desk and on our lower level. Find our filtered water station on the lower level by the TRX studio. Also included is a maximum 2 hours daily parking per day that you attend class, space permitting.

We recommend pre registration for limited capactiy classes such as TRX, Activ WOD, on demand cycle, open gym and Floating Yoga. You can pre register for any class up to 2 weeks in advance. You are not required to pre register for hot yoga classes as our capacity is large and there is always room. Please note some passes activate on your first visit or first intended visit (pre registration). Book classes in chronological order to avoid complications. If you do run into a registration snag, give us a call! 204.947.9642

Please always feel free to speak to your instructors with any concerns you may have. We can look out for you specifically if we know your situation and can offer modifications specific to you. As always, listen to your options and follow what feels best for you. Never force! The most beginner friendly classes are Mysore, where you are taught one on one within the classroom, no experience required. Yoga Fundamentals, where the class is a little slower and broken up with more specific instruction, as well as the opportunity to ask questions. Yin Yoga, where the pace is much slower, with longer holds in poses to get into the connection tissue of the body. This doesn’t mean it’s easy – just more accessible. Yin Yang Yoga (or Hot Yin Yang), here the longer more passive holds of yin postures is presented in addition to more flowing or active Yang movements. Please be mindful to do what feels right for you in any class you attend. Instructors can always give modifications. Students can always rest and join in again when you feel comfortable.

Check out our other beginner friendly classes below.

For yoga: Ashtanga Hot, Flow, Radical Relaxation, Restorative, Yoga Fundamentals, Yoga Nidra
For fitness: TRX, ActivWOD, On Demand Cycle

We know life gets busy and those days when everything runs behind is just the day you need to get to class most, so we do allow latecomers! Please note though, that we will not allow you into class more than 5 minutes late. If you are late for a limited capacity class such as TRX or Floating Yoga, your spot may be given to someone waiting 5 minutes before class start time.

We recommend beginning with The NEW Intro Pass (14 consecutive days of umlimited classes). Everyone can purchase this option once though it doesn’t have to be your first purchase. This 14 day pass allows you 14 consecutive days to try as many classes as you like, enjoy mat and towel service, as well as 2 hours free parking per day you attend, space permitting. From that point, depending on your anticipated attendance, we can advise you on the best pass or membership for you. Please speak to us at front desk any time to discuss your options.

All memberships include a maximum 2 hours free parking per day that you attend class, space permitting. Allow one day from the date of your membership purchase and/or you must have a valid membership card before parking is activated. Drop ins and free class passes do not include parking. Parking on the street is free weekdays before 8:30am, after 5:30pm and on weekends.  Once you have your membership card, you will go to the pay terminal in the lot and follow the prompts, choosing Yoga Public Member and entering your license plate number. Your coupon number is the 4 or 5 digit code on the back of your membership card. You do not need to place the receipt on your dash. If you will be parking for more than 2 hours, choose the total number of desired hours and pay the difference at the pay station. i.e. if you choose 3 hours, you will pay only one hour and use your coupon for the first 2 hours.

Our limited capacity classes have a wait list option. If someone cancels out of a full class, the first person on the wait list will be notified* and can choose to either confirm pre registration or decline, if no longer able to attend, at which point the next person on the list will be notified. It’s a pretty great system, designed to get you into class!  *Be sure to choose your desired method of notification through your mindbody profile. Receive notifications by text, email or both. While you’re there, make sure your email address on file is correct. You can choose to receive these notifications as well as receipts and still not receive our newsletters if that is your preference.

A late cancel is a cancellation you make within one hour of class start time. Cancel before the one hour window and you are not charged a fee nor will a class be drawn from your current pass or membership. Late Cancel/No Show Fee We charge a fee of $10 for every limited capacity class you Late Cancel or Do Not Show Up for. Cancel before that one hour window and there is no charge. Cancel within the window or fail to show up and your account will be charged $10 + gst. This charge will apply to TRX and Floating classes ONLY (that is, our 2 most popular limited capacity classes). We have introduced the Late Cancel/No Show Fee as a courtesy to members that pre register and show up, or try to pre register for full classes that end up partially empty due to no shows. We feel one hour before a class is plenty of time to plan to attend. We ask for your courtesy and mindfulness toward all members.