Deepen your experience, expand your knowledge… workshop intensives led by your favourite YP instructors and special guests!

Yoga + Psychology workshop series with Rachelle Taylor
Move the Body / Balance the Mind

Attend each workshop individually for $35 + gst or all 4 for $115 + gst

Saturday, Feb 22, 10:30am-12:30pm
Ground through the feet, legs, and pelvis to create a solid foundation, rooting into the earth element. Designed with intention to cultivate a safe space to release fear for those craving a deeper connection to the moment.

Saturday, March 7, 10:30am-12:30pm
Wade through the hips and groins, moving fluidly to clear the bits that feel murky and steeping slowly in the spaces that feel rigid. Designed with intention to create a space to release guilt and control for those craving more fluidity and pleasure in their lives.

Saturday, March 21, 10:30am-12:30pm
Ignite the power of the core with twists and arm balances to illuminate feelings of motivation, strength, and belief in self. Designed with intention to create a warm space to burn away feelings of shame and light the inner spark of aliveness for those feeling stuck, low or uninspired.

Saturday, April 4, 10:30am-12:30pm
Expand through the heart, arms and neck to receive breath more fully, discovering a sense of equilibrium. Designed with intention to create a receptive space to surrender and release grief for those feeling out of balance.

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with Bonnie Schroeder

Living with PRESENCE and PURPOSE

Does any of this look or sound familiar?
. Dreaming of a more fullfilling life
. Experiencing overwhelm
. Living from crisis to crisis
. Suffering from anxiety or chronic pain.
. No time or energy left in your day for you.
. Feeling like you’re at a turning point in your life.
. Ready to live more consciously
. Ready to say Yes?
Imagine making the difference that makes the Difference. 
8 Tuesdays 6:15-8:45pm  April 7 – May 26
a DAY OF MINDFULNESS retreat included
May 16  1:00-7:30pm

(retreat is open to the public via ‘more info’)

mindfulness practices . guided meditations . gentle yoga . dialogues about stress . how to work with it + how to liberate yourself from suffering. It’s never too late to course correct. Micro changes make macro changes.

more info: / 204.890.7627

What Bonnie’s MBSR grads are saying:

Life altering! ~MV
A powerful experience of spiritual growth ~JL
Lives her teachings. Healing & inspiring ~AW
Life transforming ~HF
I wished I’d taken this course years ago. It has changed my life ~JD
Highly recommended! quiet some noise… reconnect with a deeper sense of self… gently challenging… radiating warmth & compassion … genuine and contagious. ~MY
Best investment I ever made in myself! ~AA
Absolutely fantastic!… diving deep into self-discovery & self-love ~Leah Dawn/Float Calm
Bonnie’s respect and full attention, was as if you were the only one in the class. The results were remarkable. ~CF
Powerful!  Mindfulness separates a 4th place finish from owning the podium. ~Martin, Boston Marathon, ironman
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Ayurvedic Spring Reset
with Adrienne Shum

Sunday April 19 / 3:30-5:30 pm / $60 + gst / Studios 1&2

According to Ayurveda, the change of seasons is the natural time to reset ourselves, boost Agni (metabolism), and remove Ama (toxins). Ayurveda is a traditional healing framework, that is often referred to as the sister science of yoga. Learn about these complementary practices of Ayurveda and yoga to engage in a transformative process to restore balance, wellness and clarity.

During the 2-hour workshop, you will:

– Lay the groundwork for understanding the principles of Ayurveda
– Deepen your understanding of the body-mind connection
– Uncover the methodology of a 5-day cleanse to integrate all your new knowledge!

You will gain access to exclusive online content created by Adrienne to guide you through your cleanse that is designed to amplify your body’s natural detoxification abilities. This supporting material will present simply daily practices to incorporate into each day of the cleanse, including recipes, guided audio meditations, journaling prompts, lifestyle practices, and more. The online content will be made available for 30 days after the workshop for you to have the flexibility to conduct your cleanse according to your schedule.

A cleanse is an excellent yearly practice that offers lasting benefits, such as:

– Learning to deeply listen to your body
– Trusting in the inherent wisdom of yourself
– Restoring balance, wellness, and mental clarity
– Realigning with what nourishes and serves you.

If you have participated in a reset/cleanse with Adrienne before, please note that its format continues to evolve. Adrienne continually strives to advance her understanding of Ayurveda and incorporate the latest scientific research; this updated program reflects deeper insights.

This practice is excellent for both beginners and seasoned pros; find support and community in embarking on this journey together.

For more information, please visit

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