XBody: the most efficient workout you’ve ever experienced!

Join this exciting fitness revolution!

20 minutes twice / week will transform you!

XBody uses Electro Muscular Stimulation to generate dynamic muscle contractions throughout the entire body, far greater than the body can generate on its own. This increases metabolic draw and works to build muscle faster than traditional training.

Wearing our advanced bodysuit with built-in electrodes, your trainer is able to adjust the intensity of each muscle group contraction to provide you with the ultimate state-of-the-art training experience tailored to your individual goals and needs.

With XBody, not only do we generate stronger muscle contractions, but we train all major muscle groups at the same time. This is how we drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to engage in a full body workout.

20 minutes 2 times / week is all you need for the most efficient workout you’ve experienced!

Purchase online or in studio. Contact xbody@yogapublic.com to book your first session!


Uses your time wisely – condense 3 x 90 min workouts into just 2 x 20 min sessions.
Supercharges your metabolism – as your muscles grow they need more calories – burn more calories – burn more fat
Saves your joints! Low impact movements and low weight means your joints will love you for years to come!
Improves posture and muscle imbalance by activating strategically placed electrodes along the spine and core. You will quickly notice a change in posture. Many report a decrease in back pain.

Tightens and Tones – very quickly you’ll see lifting, tightening, and toning of glutes, abs, arms, and thighs.

Optimizes muscle recruitment – do you feel like you can’t strengthen or even control your muscles? Xbody gives access to muscles and movement that you may not have experienced for years!


Your first XBody experience will begin with a one-on-one consultation to establish your goals and review your medical background related to exercise. In the same session you will be introduced to the technology and experience your first XBody workout. After this first workout, schedule your upcoming sessions. Please arrive 10 mins before your scheduled appointment to change and warmup before you are suited for your workout.

No need for a gym bag! At every session we provide specialized t-shirt and tights, as well as shower towels and access to showers, change rooms and all amenities. Running shoes are recommended.

See contraindications below**.

*XBody sessions are comprised of up to 3 people, based on demand

**Xbody EMS training is safe and beneficial for almost everybody, but there are some contraindications: arteriosclerosis, bacterial or viral disease, bleeding tendencies, circulatory disorders, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, hernia, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, neurological disease, pacemaker, pregnancy, thrombosis, tumor, uncontrolled high blood pressure.