Ashtanga Classes

Our normal temperature studios are comfortably warm at 24 to 26 degrees to support the internal warmth created as you move and breathe through your practice.

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ASHTANGA YOGA (All levels / beginner friendly)
Students are guided through a portion of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Series. Breath and postures are linked in a continuous flow or vinyasa, which helps develop internal heat and a purifying sweat. A strong style of yoga, building stamina, strength and flexibility.
Attend Mysore practice anytime between 7am-9am Monday through Friday. An assisted self practice class in which students are taught the Ashtanga Yoga series individually with verbal instruction from the teacher. This class is appropriate for all levels of practitioner from beginner to advanced.

Hatha Yoga

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Yin: Nurture & Restore(All levels)
A gentle practice to calm the mind and ground the body into the present moment. Expect long holds in restorative shapes, intentions inspired by nature, and settle in deeply within yourself.
Yin: Calm & Connected(All levels)
A gentle practice to calm that integrates mindfulness practices with long restorative holds to calm the mind and listen deeply to the wisdom of the body.
Live Music Yin & Meditation(All levels / beginner friendly)
Unwind the knots of the day with a slow, calming yin practice that focuses on releasing bound tissues. Ease mental and emotional tension through a guided meditation practice, setting you up for a restful night’s sleep. If possible, please bring your own blanket and yoga props.
Yin Yang(All levels / beginner friendly)
Serge: Discover the yang masculine energy and the yin feminine energy through your yoga practice. In this practice postures are held for as long as 3 minutes. This allows you to discover the polarity of your energy though increased concentration. Within the stillness of the held poses peace, power, harmony, chakra activation, balance and joy are all treasures to be revealed. A gentle but still demanding challenge for the mind and body.
YOGA ON THE WALL(All levels)
Using adjustable straps attached to the wall, explore & deepen sensation in the body through supported postures. Invert safely with the assistance of the strap to familiarize mind and body with turning it all upside down! Expect personal attention through hands on assists and an emphasis on anatomical alignment to find connections threaded through the body. Slowly discover increased strength and understanding that will befriend you in other, non prop supported classes.

**Please avoid this class if you have glaucoma, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, propensity for fainting, sinusitis or head cold, disc herniation, recent stroke or severe muscle spasms or if you are pregnant.

DHARMA YOGA(All levels)
Dharma Yoga is a classical form of yoga passed on by living yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra. This challenging practice has variations that are accessible for all levels and inspires students to expand their belief of what is possible. Dharma Yoga is a devotional practice that emphasizes good health, a clear mind and a kind heart.

Sam has been studying with Dharma Mittra over the past three years and has had the opportunity to serve as his assistant and mentor in his respected Life of a Yogi Teacher Training Program. She is grateful to share this powerful practice in Winnipeg.


We offer a range of meditative classes, most of which are featured in our dedicated meditation and teacher training studio, the Om Room. If your life and mind can be characterized as busy, demanding or distracted, these classes are for you. Practiced instructors help lead the way into the vast potential of the present moment.

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NAPPING(All levels / beginner friendly)
Welcome to your space to breathe, rest and recharge. Step into our gently but colourfully lit meditation studio for your daily meditation or nap time. Rest deeply with all the props you need… float on giant bubbles for that light airy feeling. Add one of our weighted blankets on top to anchor your body, use eye pillows and masks to direct your senses inward. Ambient music plays in the space around you as allow time -20 minutes to 2 hours- for you and your ultimate well being.
Ever wondered how it would feel to float on a cloud? Hovering mid air in your yoga hammock, you will be guided through some gentle yoga and beautiful meditation techniques, inviting you into a deep state of relaxation.

*Avoid this class if you have glaucoma, heart disease, very high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, propensity for fainting, sinusitis or head cold, disc herniation, recent stroke or severe muscle spasms or if you are pregnant.

*This is a small class with capacity limited to 14 students. Please pre register or cancel your reservation if you are unable to attend. We do charge a $10 no show fee.

YOGA NIDRA(All levels / beginner friendly)
Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep, is a deep healing practice intended to induce total physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This meditation is practiced laying down. The five-stage process that begins with a body scan shifting your awareness and placing consciousness into parts of the body to engage one’s physicality. It incorporates meditation on the breath, the balancing of feelings and emotional states, visualization, and self-healing. Setting a positive intention is another important step (which is called a sankalpa) and this gives the participant a specific purpose to the session.
Meditation(All levels)
This will be a fun class. Learn concentration before meditation. Explore moving and sitting meditation. Look to awaken your energy centers (chakras), sound healing, affirmation. Become in touch with your inner child, happiness and harmonizing the energies around you.

Begin or support your meditation practice with this 45 minute class. Developing your presence of being through awareness of breath and body sensation is an ancient path that continues to support people of all lifestyles and beliefs. The science of neuroplasticity shows us today how regular meditation practice creates more desirable habits of being, easing the symptoms of stress and enhancing your quality of life.

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